In the beginning, it was every network administrator’s ambition to connect one with computer with another, and another, and another,  and as many other computers as possible. Today, after doing a great job connecting billions of computers into this massive web, we aspire to stay safe and somewhat unexposed.

But there are some very smart and some not so smart individuals with very bad intentions trying to spy on our computers, learn from our surfing habits, and rob us of whatever little online privacy we still have. We call this people scammers, hackers, spoofers, tricksters and other names we don’t feel mentioning here.

Computer Medics endeavors to report on current scams and internet attacks on this section. Please check frequently. We will not try to sell you the magical product to stop all these attacks; believe us: there is none. But as we always say: “There is no substitute for common sense”

Don’t Open That Email

Calling From Microsoft Scam