Fraud Using Microsoft Name

Scammers are very active. They want your money, your confidential data and your computer internet connection.

They call posing as Microsoft Support, or as your Antivirus People (TrendMicro, Norton, Symantec, Kaspersky), they even call saying they’re the Windows people. They might even tell you they they’re the only ones that can fix your computer.

They will even call about an Antivirus solution you’ve never had on your computer.

They’re high pressure salespeople. They will be aggressive and demanding.

They have been calling some of our clients and, unfortunately, they have succeeded in scamming  a few of them.

This has got to stop.

They call saying that your computer has many errors and possibly viruses and Trojan Software Applications.

SOLUTION: Hang up on them immediately. They call you again; hang up again. They will call again many times, but every time they call you it’s a lost opportunity for them. You are not buying because you are not talking to them.

Every time you hang up the phone on them it’s 1 for the good guys. Zilch for the lowlifes.

EASY, they call; you hang up on them.

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Fraudulent Emails and Phone Calls Using Microsoft Name