What is the Registry in Windows?

Virus writers and scammers prey on the computer user’s need to feel he’s doing his best performing maintenance and prevention measures to keep his computer system secured and in top shape. They mention things such: Drivers, settings, maintenance, security, and… the registry.

So, what exactly is the Windows Registry?

According to Microsoft, the registry is the database in the Windows Operating System that contains information about the computer hardware, the programs that have been installed,  settings (such as when the computer goes to sleep, what network it connect to, firewall and update settings), and customization of preferences for each user account on your computer. That is what Windows refers to as the registry.

Whenever you install a new program, update, or piece of hardware (such as a mouse or keyboard) you are modifying the registry. Besides that, you will very seldom need to directly make changes to the registry.

To maintain the registry Windows 7 and later versions run automatic processes to verify it.

Maybe this conversation started because you have noticed your computer is getting slower. Could it be that that program warning you about the hundreds of errors in your registry is the real culprit?

If you have one of these Antivirus solutions already installed on your computer, run an update and a full scan for viruses.