We know it’s hard; it’s painfully hard. We are curious by nature. But, please don’t do it. Don’t open that email. here are some examples:

Your Account Has Been Limited PayPal Case ID #######

Hey, you don’t even have a PayPal account. And if you do; just go to and log in. And please don’t googoal (Yes, I misspelled Google on purpose) Use the address field on your browser; it’s much safer

Express Mail – Shipping Information

If this email really was from DHL, they will be calling you or will just show up at your door. Most vendors will provide you with a confirmation email with a tracking number. Mark this bad puppy as Junk – Spam and enjoy your trouble free life (I mean computer-wise)

Mail International Р Tracking Information

This is a good one: These guys don’t even have an idea on how we do things here in the States. Shouldn’t it read International Mail? Well, these bad guys earned it: “Hasta la Vista, baby” We don’t open this email and we don’t get to see a fake DHL background that spots a link that totally spells trouble.

FEDEX Brandon Barry – Invalid Address

This looks intriguing enough. What address? Is anybody trying to send me something? Do I need to go and pick it up at the FEDEX warehouse? Did I write the wrong address on my last shipping label? It’s very frustrating, really.