Windows 8 is here now. It’s a solid operating system. Yes, it’s geared for mobile systems and touch screens. Yes, the old faithful START button is missing from the lower left corner and one might feel lost with this new interface.

The new Start Screen can look disorienting at first, but it actually makes sense. You have what’s important for you at your fingertips. Don’t need the Games Tile at the Start? Just right click on it and Unpin it. That easy.

APPS. APPS? Personally, I’m not one for a lot of apps. Of course, Mail, Video, Photos, Music (Built-in Apps) are essential. Besides just a few apps, my interest in apps is purely recreational. Your case might me different, so there are several categories such as Music & video, News & weather, Entertainment, Games, Books & reference, Education. Plenty for everyone. No, Microsoft Apps are not as numerous as Apple Apps; the ratio seems to be 20 to 1. Still, that 20-to-1 means over 40,000 Windows 8 apps.

Windows 8 works great with tablets and touchscreen computers.  No Touchscreen? No problem! Click here for Mouse and Keyboard shortcuts.

In my opinion, Microsoft is trying to bridge the differences between its products and Apple’s. This doesn’t feel very smart. It’s not about pros and cons when it comes to these two camps; it’s a culture clash. Microsoft loyalist will always feel Apple is not good enough for a business environment, and Apple followers will keep saying that Windows is not intuitive enough.