Was Dropbox security breached back in 2012? Were those compromised login and passwords ever published and used?

Leaving this discussion aside it is best not to take your chances when it comes to online security. If you have not changed your password for Dropbox in the last 30 months, take some time and do so.

Please do not do a search for “dropbox”. Type the whole URL (www.dropbox.com) in your browser Address Bar. Sometimes search results yield rogue sites on the first result entries.

Do not click on links in emails asking you to change passwords by “clicking here”. Always make a point on typing the main website URL in your browser Address Bar if you know it. This is specially important for webmail, bank, credit cards, social networking and other important websites.

Check the pictures bellow to identify the Address Bar on different browsers.

Address Bar / Microsoft Edge Browser

Address Bar in Edge Browser



Address Bar /Google Chrome Browser

Address Bar Google Chrome Browser



Address Bar / internet Explorer Browser

Address Bar / Internet Explorer Browser