Is Flash Player infecting my PC?

Is Flash Player infecting my PC?

Adobe Flash Player

Is Adobe® Flash® Player infecting my PC?

Short answer: NO.

Adobe® Flash® Player is a well rounded product and it doesn’t infect your computer. Granted, there have been some known vulnerabilities that make Flash Player susceptible to be infected by malicious code. In our experience, it’s not so much Adobe® Flash® Player being the real culprit, but a very common simple trick being played on the Internet user.

it works like this:

1.- The user visits a website.

2.- A message saying “You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe” shows on the screen.

3.- Most of times its a legitimate message, but sometimes malware writers inject this message on a website, and when the user clicks on the link: Viruses, malware, trojans and such.

adobe website

What to do to avoid this problem? Whenever in doubt, check to get the latest version of Adobe® Flash® Player.

Please don’t just type adobe flash player on your search field. Type the actual on the address bar at the top of your internet browser. Once at , scroll all the way down and click on Flash Player.

By doing so, you can download the latest version or view instructions to enable Flash Player on your internet browser.