Updating Java Adobe and Silverlight

Some commonly used programs such as JavaAdobe® Flash® Player, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Silverlight require to be constantly updated to patch up against known vulnerabilities exploits. Also, as computer software evolves, these products require the latest version available for optimal compatibility.

In updating a user can run into trouble when a “helpful” web site alerts you your Java need to be updated; or your “Flash Player is out of date”. The messages may be legitimate or they may not be.

Here’s a way to safely update these important programs that much of your computer experience depends on.



Update your ADOBE READER

1. -Open any PDF file in your computer.

2.- On the top Menu click Help





3.- Click Check for Updates




Update your JAVA SE


1.- Go to Control Panel

javaControlPanel2.- Click on the Java Icon and it will open the Java Control Panel

3.- On the top Menu click on click on Update

4.- Click on Update Now



1.- Go to Control Panel

flashPlayerSmall2.- Click on the Flash Player icon. The Flash Player settings Manager window will open.

3.- Click Updates.

4.- Click Check Now.


logoSilverlightUpdate your Microsoft Silverlight

silverlightlogolittle1.- Go to the Microsoft Silverlight Website at https://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/

2.- Click on Download Now

3.- Look at the bottom of your screen and Click on Run.


4.- Click Yes on the User Account Control box.


5.- Click Install now.


6. Click Close to finish