Everybody is talking about the cloud. Your friends, your relatives and workmates. When are you going to move to The Cloud is the proceeding question.

Maybe, without even realizing it, you might already be using the cloud. Do you have Google Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or any other type of web mail that offers free or paid online storage? That’s a good example of the cloud. Some of this providers offer up to 25 Gigabites of free online storage.

What can we use the cloud for? We can store pictures (Flickr, Picasa, SkyDrive); let’s say you are travelling and you’re afraid you might loose your once-in-a-lifetime pictures? Make sure you upload them to your cloud. But, word of advice: Download them to your local computer once you get back home. And another thing to consider: carefully check who’s able to view your online travelogue; you know how popular those funny Powerpoint slideshows are from unsuspecting unvoluntary graphic material donors.